Tweets of 17th May


If you are using any google maps on your website, then this is for you. Google Maps Introduces new Pricing effective Jun 11 2018
05-17 20:49

Browser market share in March 2018: Chrome 63.77%, Firefox 12.8%, IE 8.61%, more:
05-17 16:52

Here are some tips about ways to get more coverage and get the most from any investment you are making in PR.
05-17 06:14

"American football has its media darlings, but 1 player stands out for his media shyness: Marshawn Lynch. We can learn PR from him, though. Here's how I'd work w/ him" - @R_Squared from WordMaven Marketing
05-17 00:58

Joshua Davidson, CEO of Chop Dawg, shares his tips on working cohesively with developers.
05-17 00:12


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