Tweets of 18th January


This #SEO Checklist Produced 48.7% More Organic Traffic - a Case Study via @backlinko
01-18 21:49

#SEO Trends You MUST Know For Google Rankings 2017 (by @Sam___Hurley @digitalcurrent) >
01-18 17:52

5 Quick Redesign Tips From Seattle #WebDesigner @tatianadesigns #webdesign #branding
01-18 07:14

In 2017, if your #SEO strategy doesn't utilize #UX then you're in trouble: by @johnleoweber
01-18 04:59

The Hidden Costs of A/B Testing via @stickermule
01-18 01:58

Entangled in incorrect citations? How to do a #local citation cleanup and fix 'em! via...
01-18 01:12


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