Intro to our SEO consulting services

Are you searching for an Austin SEO professional? Is your website stuck on the 2nd page of Google or worse? Lucid Crew is here to help. Since 1999, we have created hundreds of lead-generating quality websites that crush their competition

When it comes to SEO, the best in the trade are not narrowly focused on raising search rankings or targeting specific keywords. Instead, they maintain a huge, broad picture of the entire situation relating to all facets of SEO. Taking in all of the possible clues, hard data, and every other possible source of information, the goal of the Austin SEO expert is to understand as best they can the mechanisms behind search engines.

Ultimately this boils down to knowing how to create content which is optimized for machines as well as human visitors. This speeds the process of ranking on search engine results, while simultaneously providing the user with useful information. In this way, content creators and search engine optimization experts are not attempting to manipulate search engines, rather they are trying to create useful content which actually fills a desire. How do you know what there is a desire for, though? That is one of the secrets and most valuable abilities of a quality Austin SEO Consultant.

What are the traits that make one great at SEO? Let's explore what a quality SEO experts habits might include.

Careful Attention to Data

There is nothing more important in the world of search engine optimization than hard data. Any hard data which can be collected about relevant points - be it user data from Google Analytics, conversion rate information from an affiliate program, actual position in search engine results, and anything else available. Solid data is gold in SEO, as it is the only way to track if the local search engine rankings strategy is working or not!

On the Cutting Edge of Search Marketing Development

Knowing the latest and most useful search engine ranking trends can often be enough to land one miles ahead of the competition with a proper implementation. Staying up on the latest trends is the only way to stay current and potentially even get ahead of the competition. Early adopters of new social networks have often managed to stake out lucrative positions for themselves simply by getting to the game early. Read more on our website

Familiar with the Tools of the Web

You can't expect someone to fix your car if they have no idea how it works - equally, you can't expect an SEO "expert" to optimize your page if they don't know anything about the backbone of the website. This means they should be able to build their own custom websites using the basic elements such as HTML and CSS, Javascript and even more advanced tools such as PHP, MySQL and other tools. Some SEO methods rely on server configurations and require some knowledge of Apache or even nginx.

Always Searching for Their Own Pages

The only way to know if you are effectively ranking for targeted words is to actually do the searches yourself! Austin SEO Experts should be spending a long time filing through the search results to check the efficacy of their strategy.

Constantly Optimizing

SEO is an ongoing process - the best in the business never stop optimizing their pages and adding whatever additions they can. Testing the latest SEO techniques on their own private projects, experts always have something new to try which has already been tested on a different scale. This optimization keeps the site fresh - in fact, many SEO strategies involve modifying pages at least weeky.

Transparent Practices

If you find an SEO expert who refuses to tell you what they're doing, consider it as a major red flag. The best are almost always willing to share their information freely. Those who hide behind secret practices are far more likely to be con artists or marketers employing black hat search engine optimization methods which could get your sites penalized.

Behind the best SEO experts is a driving curiosity to find out what makes search engines tick. They should always be looking forward with a keen eye on all data available.