Tweets of 18th April


Looking for ideas to increase your clicks and improve your rankings? Here's a list of things you can experiment with.
04-18 20:49

A video is 50 times more likely to appear on the first page of search results than a traditional web page. Learn how to rank higher on Google with video #SEO: #digitalmarketing
04-18 16:52

Parsing & painting #CSS in the critical rendering path: You can spend as much time as you want optimizing your app, but it doesn’t matter if your users bounce before the page even loads.
04-18 00:58

PR is key to promoting your business and communicating with your customers. Learn how to do it right with startup founders Ari Dykovsky and Catalin Voss.
04-18 00:12

Tweets of 17th April


How to Optimize Your #OnPage Signals for #LocalSearch via @shane_barker
04-17 20:49

This comprehensive guide on #SSL & #HTTPS explains what Google has in store for both secure and insecure websites and how to avoid the most common implementation/migration pitfalls: via @theFourDots
04-17 16:52

Did you know optimizing your #knowledgebase is an #SEO hack that ACTUALLY works? Read this guide on "Super SEO tactics to optimize your knowledge base for search"
04-17 00:58

Tweets of 16th April


Find the benefits and importance of using #landingpages with this 45-point guide, so you can capture more #conversions.
04-16 20:49

Web design tips: The pros and cons of splash pages @ClaytonMKTG
04-16 16:52

Have you ever wondered whether more content is better than less? Keep reading. This infographic will address your concern. It will help you understand what Google takes into consideration as far the length of the content is concerned.
04-16 06:14

Entry Popups Could Be Killing Your Conversion Rate (And You Can’t Even Measure It) #CRO via @goinflow
04-16 00:58